Content Management System

Its your website, its your content and you can manage it where and when you want hassle free.
Content Management System

Content Management System

Content Management Systems gives you the ability to update the content on your own website, content such as text, pictures, videos, documents, blogs, articles, products and more. We design and develop all our website into a Content Management System as standard, as we want you to have total control and freedom over your website.

We can develop your website into a Content Management System of your choice, or we can choose one for you based on the ease of use and the purpose of your website. So wether you need a Content Management System for a eCommerce website, a blog website or even a news website, we have the development skills to develop your website into a Content Managent System which best suits you and your business.

What are the benefits of a Content Management System?

  • Customised Just For You - We customise your Content Management System to maximise the ease of use to you and your business.
  • Total Control & Freedom - The easy to you CMS gives you total control and freedom over all the content (e.g. Text, Pictures, Videos, Products & etc) of your website.
  • Use It Anywhere You Want - The CMS does not require any special software or plugins at all. All it needs is an internet connection and a web browser, then you cant manage and add content very easily to your website.
  • Administration Control - Our custom Content Management Systems are so advanced that you can create user accounts with for different users and set different permission levels per user account.
  • Support When You Need It - We offer support and help FREE of charge if you ever get stuck when using the Content Management System.
  • Web Development Knowledge? - No need for web development knowledge at all, its as simple as adding text and media files into Word!

Can You Develop My Existing Site Into A CMS?

Yes, we can develop your existing website into a Content Management System! We understand that not all website design companies can develop a website into a Content Management System, so they create physical page files which can a hassle when adding new content and additional pages. Thats where Prestigious Web Designs come in, we can take your existing website and develop it into a custom Content Management System with out changing the layout style of you website at all.

Do you want to be able to manage the content of your website? Call us on 0203 518 1246 and lets get your Content Management website built!